#StrongerTogether as Stellenbosch Unites

As we navigate the unprecedented waters of COVID-19 and the national lockdown to stem the spread of the disease, now more than ever comes the need for us to stand in solidarity with each other.

Our town has always stood at the vanguard of innovation, warmth and generosity. At this time, these values bring us together as a community, doing right by our community.

We encourage all Stellenbosch residents and stakeholders to come together now. We need each other. We need to rally behind Stellenbosch Unite to ensure that, while our freedom of movement has been curtailed temporarily, our people do not have to endure this without such basic needs as as food to feed their families.

What is Stellenbosch Unite:

Stellenbosch Unite is a collaborative initiative, bringing together the Stellenbosch Municipality, SCAN (Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network representing our non-profit sector), the Stellenbosch University and Visit Stellenbosch (representing civil society).

Our Mission:

Our collective mission is to ensure that our vulnerable families, in and around Stellenbosch, are assisted with food help as a matter of urgency. Not one person should go hungry at this time. Through our collaborative effort, we will amongst other things address the rising food crisis facing many families in our midst. The non-profit sector works with our vulnerable communities on a daily basis and is therefore in a position to identify the families in need.

As we work around the clock to put in place the necessary structures to launch this initiative, we ask for your commitment and time.

How you can help?

  • By mobilising and organising your networks so that when we are ready to activate Stellenbosch Unite, this can be done swiftly.
  • By considering how you and your network can contribute through funding and resources.

We will release more detailed information shortly and are thankful to each and every one of you for leaning into the void that has been left by the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we can ensure that the Stellenbosch community supports each other at this difficult time.

For more information:

Please email give@stellenboschunite.org