This page serves to provide information on the Stellenbosch Unite Aid Action and our support criteria.

How does it work?

Stellenbosch Unite in its joined action will be offering two streams of aid, as illustrated be-low:


This entails ongoing (and additional) social support to beneficiaries that were already affiliated to a non-profit in the SCAN network prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


This entails aid that is specifically meant for individuals that have lost their income as a direct result of COVID-19. Beneficiaries with social needs that pre-date the COVID-19 pandemic do not qualify to receive aid through this stream.

Qualification criteria for Stellenbosch Unite COVID-19 AID?

COVID-19 AID is only available to individuals that are directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualifying criteria for COVID-19 AID include the following stipulations:

•   The individual suffered a direct loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic
•   This loss of income can be due to being unable to work or trade informally, the loss of a formal job or in the event of an employer being unable to pay a salary or wage.
•   No other form of income is received at this time
•   The individual lives within the Stellenbosch municipal area.

Who is excluded from the COVID-19 AID?

The COVID-19 AID criteria exclude the following individuals:

•   Individuals that were dependent on social aid prior to COVID-19.
•   Individuals that already receive aid from a non-profit organisation.
•   Individuals that receive a social grant of any nature.
•   Individuals that are still receiving an income from an employer or any other source.
•   Individuals that are still able to generate an income from informal trading or any other method.

Where can non-qualifying individuals find help?

Individuals that do not qualify for COVID-19 AID are advised to contact:
•   Department of Social Development’s help-line on 0800 22 02 50
•   SASSA helpline on 021 469 0235 / 0800 60 10 11
•   Their church
•   A non-profit organisation in their community
•   A school feeding in their area. Herewith please find a list of school feeding programmes:

Cloetesville Primary
Ikaya Primary
Kayamandi Primary
Pieter Langeveld
St Vincent
Vlottenburg Primary

How does registration work?

When a potential beneficiary meets the COVID-19 AID criteria the following application process can be followed. An additional screening process may disqualify applicants or there simply may not be enough resources.

You can click on the following link to register or you can sent the following information to the con-tact details below:
•   Name and Surname
•   ID Number
•   Physical Home address
•   How income was earned prior to COVID -19 crises.

The information can be sent to:

•   Email:
•   WhatsApp or SMS message to 062 206 8031

Please note the following important information:

Making an application does not guarantee aid provision. Should Stellenbosch Unite be in a position to offer additional aid, the qualifying applicants that are already on the list will enjoy preference. Members of the public seeking aid will not be assisted at the town hall. All qualifying individuals will be contacted to arrange distribution.